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CCO accepts advertising artwork from local businesses on a yearly basis for inclusion in its four classical concert brochures.


Requests to purchase advertising should be emailed to

Artwork intended for inclusion in the CCO concert program should be submitted in either JPEG, TIFF or PDF format.  Also for best effect the form should match the height-to-width ratio appropriate to the ad size being purchased.

Advertising artwork should be submitted at least four weeks before the first concert (around October 1st).  Ads can be submitted throughout the concert year but will only be included in the programs that remain with the requisite four-week lead time and rates will remain as for a full year.  Advertisers who wish to change their ad may also do so throuughout the season



Our Performances

Location: Carlisle Congregational Church
                  147 School Street
                  Carlisle, Massachusetts

Time: Friday at 8:00 PM (most performances)

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