CCO earrings are crafted in solid anti-tarnish sterling* silver with sterling silver hooks.  The drops are hand polished.

$49.00 per pair.   (quantity selected in shopping cart)

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*Sterling silver is defined as having at least 92.5% pure silver content. The LeachGarner LG422  Argentium sterling used in these earrings contains 92.7% silver and, in addition to being tarnish resistant, is harder than traditional sterling  due to differences in the remaining alloy content.


Tie Bars

CCO tie bars are crafted in solid sterling silver with black enamel CCO logo inlay.

$45.00 ea (quantity selected in shopping cart)

US shipping is free.


Our Performances

Location: Carlisle Congregational Church
                  147 School Street
                  Carlisle, Massachusetts

Time: Friday at 8:00 PM (most performances)

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