Carlisle Chamber Orchestra

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Supplemental Video Information


We don't use YouTUBE to continuously post our videos because of difficulties caused by rogue advertisers who falsely assert that they have the authority to monitize our videos and collect royalties.  This is despite the fact that much of the music being performed is in the public domain and all of the music is subject to the "fair use" index as set forth by the U. S. Copyright Office.  CCO is qualified under the "fair use" clause by virtue of its status as a non-profit corporation presenting original performances purely for educational purposes, and because CCO's market is extremely restricted and has no impact on the market for or profitability potential of the copyrighted materials used in the performances.

Vimeo is a more suitable host for CCO videos because they permit no advertising under the "Vimeo Plus" membership in which CCO is currently enrolled.  This eliminates the rogue advertising and makes it clear to legitimate copyright-holders that CCO is making its videos freely available to the public.

To further insure that we are complying with applicable copyright regulations, we have locked all of our performances of music that is not clearly in the public domain and marked them as not downloadable.  This method of presenting the performances gives access to our local audience base who were unable to attend the live performance while maintaining our mission as a non-profit educational organization.

Video and Audio Quality

The CCO videos currently posted have been captured without a monitoring A/V operator.  Consequently there are no camera activites such as pans and zooms to capture close-ups of performers.  We hope to find a suitable volunteer to add these features in the future.

The currently posted video of the Vaughn Williams Overture to "The Wasps"  has a significant amount of noise caused by an air vent which was located behind the recording equipment.