Carlisle Chamber Orchestra

Live Music Matters


                                   The church sanctuary is fully accessible to those with disabilities including wheelchair access at both front and side entrances and an elivator to eliminate climbing stairs.

The CCO Performance Venue

Ideal Listening Environment:

                                                    The sanctuary of the Carlisle Congregational Church provides an ideal environment in which to perform and hear a chamber music ensemble. It has adequate space for a chamber orchestra with semi-surround seating on padded pews that places the listener close to the musicians.

Superb Acoustics:

Year Round Venue:

                                 The church sanctuary provides an excellent live acoustic environment without being excessively reverberant.

     The Carlisle Congregational Church is air conditioned for use throughout the year.

Disability Access:

Performance Venue

Our primary performance venue is in the sanctuary of the Carlisle Congregational Church. Seating is in a herring-bone arrangement which provides for ample audience accommodation. It also places the audience relatively close to the musicians for a more intimate listening experience.

A pull-down screen was used to show snap-shots of life in the year 1915 during the performance of Samuel Barber's "Knoxville: Summer of 1915."

Venue Features