Carlisle Chamber Orchestra

Live Music Matters


All of our concerts are "G" rated. We encourage you to bring children if you believe they will enjoy the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

The front entrance is at the ground level with no impediments.

There is a ramp at the side entrance, with an elevator option to bypass stairs leading to the performance level.

There are also adequate parking spaces for those who need to park close to the entrance.

Is the concert hall handicap accessible?

Can I bring my children to the concert?

Are there assigned seats?

Seating is general.   All seats have excellent views.

A section may be reserved for parties of 10 or more by emailing a request to

How do I get tickets?

There are no tickets.  Donations are appreciated at the door (cash or check with $15 suggested)

There are no advance reservations except for groups.

As with any arts organization, CCO needs funding to sustain quality programming.  However the mere presence of strong audience support serves as an indicator to corporate donor sources that their contributions are serving the community.  All who think they might enjoy the performance are encouraged to attend, whether or not they can afford to donate, with the understanding that simply by their presence they are helping to stimulate funding and even advance the cause of classical music generally.

Specifically, what kind of music do you perform?

We perform all varieties of classical music starting approximately from the time of Bach through to the present day which was written for a small orchestra. It is probably easier to identify music that we do not perform.

Some music written since the early 20th century is difficult for most people to grasp upon first listening and can also be very difficult to perform correctly. We try to avoid this inaccessible music but welcome the opportunity to play other contemporary music which we feel confident that we can perform to the immediate enjoyment of an audience.

We also do not perform works that may be considered in bad taste for a general audience.