Carlisle Chamber Orchestra

Live Music Matters

Members Area


Outreach Rep:                 Encourage senior living, Councils on Aging, etc. to bring their residents to concerts

Social Media Rep:           Update the Facebook page and share publicity notices, create events pages

Friends Chair:                 Organize a “Friends of  CCO”  to work with committees and other CCO chairs.

Volunteer Positions



There are a number of tasks which must be performed to keep an orchestra running smoothly.  At our present state of developmen the necessary tasks can and are being accomplished with a few orchestra volunteers.  In the future we would like to see a somewhat larger contingent of volunteers, some coming from the community.  We also plan to develop a set of "user guides" to be used by key volunteers to help them.

The following list of tasks may appear daunting but it should be born in mind that most are already being attended to.  Identifying and describing the workload is the first step in making it easier to accomplish a larger work-force and with a minimum of time and effort.


Community Outreach

Financial Management

Task List

Concert Coordinator:     Solicit and Organize volunteers for concerts, including;

                                         Ushers,   Greeters,  Front of House: people to handle donations, etc. at the table,

                                         Parking lot attendants, etc.

Rehearsal manager:       Set up chairs and stands,   Store chairs and stands at the end of rehearsals.  

Concert manager:           Set chairs and stands on stage in concert array, (for Dress Rehearsal and

                                         Performance - work with rehearsal manager.    Set up electric keyboard if needed,

                                         make sure the piano and pews are free of materials,

Stage Panels manager:  Arrange for a crew (3 people?) to removed the panels on the stage prior to dress

                                         rehearsal and then replace them the Saturday morning after the performance.

                                         (Co-ordinate with the custodian)  There is a set of instructions and a box of tools.

Librarian:                         Secure, sort, collect, and return all music

                                       Locate publishers, prices, rentals, or where to borrow music.

                                       Distribute and collect music at rehearsals and concerts

                                       Keep a record of who has checked out music and locate any unreturned parts.


Publicity Chair:                 Obtain biography and photos of guest artists

                                             Write and submit articles and calendars to newspapers, etc. one month in advance

                                                Arrange for distribution of flyers

Ad Chair:                        Solicit advertising from businesses for program book

                                   If ads are not paid with reservation, send bills with proof of ad

Program Publisher:       Research and write program Notes for concert program books

                                        Organize programs with desktop publishing software, deliver to printer and deliver to



Fundraising Chair:         Organize and manage a coordinated fundraising campaign

                                         Solicit local sponsors for certain concerts/artists.